Luciana Vieira

Nutritional Therapist & Naturopath
“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use, when diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”
Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb

// Who I am...

A Nutritional Therapist & Naturopath, who combines science, holistic approach and Functional Medicine concepts to prevent diseases and/or alleviate their symptoms.

// What I do...

I practice proactive, predictive, personalized nutrition and help you to take an active role in your own health!

// Who my clients are...

People with chronic and autoimmune diseases who want to live a healthier life and are tired of diets and solutions that don’t address the underlying causes of their diseases/problems.

// How I work...

90 min consultations (personal or online), providing personalised health plans, recipes and continuous support in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Naturopathic approach and tips to inspire you to refind the way to healthier eating and lifestyle choices.
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Healthy recipes
Nutritious and delicious recipes for specific needs and diets, such as Low Carb, Paleo, Macrobitics and so on...

Did you know?

"Perfectly designed studies show that the cholesterol found in the food we eat has little impact in our total blood cholesterol. It is true because when cholesterol intake in the diet goes up, the body makes less of it to compensate! So please, eat your eggs everyday if you want!"