My work is all about preventing illnesses and/or diminishing their symptoms, by means of nutritional recommendations. I act on the basis that health problems are caused by nutritional and biochemical imbalances in the body.

My recommendations seek to restore this balance (homeostasis), not only through eating habits, but also by orientation on how to avoid certain toxins and allergens, with strategies that help detoxification and also using complementary nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, in high dosages if necessary.

This approach is recommended both for people who have developed chronic illnesses and for people who wish to improve their health or lifestyle. It is classified as a complimentary medical practice and may also be sought in addition to conventional treatments, which means that a Nutritional Therapist is often in contact with other health professionals (doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, homeopaths, etc…).

My qualification in Naturopathy only complemented and confirmed my perception that our bodies, in most cases, really are perfect machines and that, in order for us to be at full health, we simply have to provide the conditions. These conditions may be reached by using what nature provides us with (like a food, or an herb for example) and/or through totally feasible changes in the patient’s lifestyle.

All of my work is based on the belief that each individual is unique, which is why I recommend personalized nutrition and lifestyle programs. Once given the necessary conditions, our bodies find their balance once more and recover their health.

It is important to state that I do not use nutritional therapy as a substitute for medical advice, and I must refer patients who show “red flag” symptoms to a doctor. Consequently, I must refuse to continue giving support to patients who have not consulted with a doctor despite having been recommended to do so.

I believe that it is easy and fun to eat well. It’s possible not to starve, not to have to suppress cravings and to live life in a joyful and fun way.

Don’t diet. Don’t count calories, or make your life revolve around the idea of losing weight. Relearn how to eat and live lighter, with less stress. The solution may be in your eating and lifestyle habits.