Sugar – The True Villain

Fortunately, people are increasingly more worried about the effects that certain foods have on their health, but there is still a long way to go. One thing there seems to no longer be any doubt about is the harm that sugar causes to our bodies. Its consumption may be linked to several health problems, from diabetes to cardiac problems, reflux, hormonal imbalance, just to name a few.

As you already know, there are several types of diets out there and many of them advocate different, and sometimes opposing, concepts. However, all of them are in agreement regarding the following: sugar is the true villain responsible for us not being here to watch our grandchildren grow. Don’t believe everything you hear. Research, read, and become more informed.

“We are the first generation in which children will die younger than their parents.”

The human body is a perfect machine and we are responsible for ruining it. It’s more than time for us to take control and become responsible for our health. Don’t just take in any kind of information, look for other sources, listen to other opinions. The first thing you need to do in order to have good health is becoming more informed about what you are doing from the very first drink or bite of the day. How much time do you invest researching for the best car, TV set or house? Do you invest as much time learning about the fuel you put in your body? The minimum you need to know in order to learn how to live with it, if eliminating it completely from your life isn’t viable.

When we use the word sugar, we are not just referring to those white crystals that you mix into your coffee (aspartame isn’t the best option, but I’ll leave this topic for another time), nor am I talking about chocolate or desserts, I’m referring to all the sugar that’s hidden in yogurt, cereal, bread, pasta sauce…

Why is sugar bad for us?

Sugar (white, brown, any type) isn’t just bad for us because it is fattening. Of course, obesity is another great villain, but I will tell you something that doesn’t require a lot of research to discover: the human body cannot tolerate the immense amount of carbohydrates (sugar is a carbohydrate) that many of us ingest. Sugar doesn’t contain fibers, minerals, proteins, enzymes, nothing. Only empty calories. What happens when we eat a refined carbohydrate like sugar? To maintain the balance I mentioned before, our body must “borrow” vital nutrients from healthy cells in order to completely metabolize that sugar. Calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium, to name only a few, are taken from various parts of our body to “digest” sugar. Many times, so much calcium is taken from our body in order to neutralize the effects of sugar that we decalcify.  This way we end up becoming victims of osteoporosis, for example. Likewise, our teeth are affected and they lose their components until cavities appear and accelerate their decaying process. Not to mention that children are becoming obese, are irritable and nervous, teenagers are slowly dragging themselves around, living a sedentary lifestyle without having energy to do absolutely anything. Can you believe that sugar is a large contributor to our bad mood and irritability?

Not to mention the fact that sugar “feeds” candida (I talk more about this in the article “10 sinais de que você pode ter cândida”, a good fungus that lives harmoniously in our bodies, but which, when it increases indiscriminately, causes an infestation responsible for several symptoms including fatigue, digestive problems, etc.) Sugar also feeds cancer, as I’ve said in the article “Sugar Feeds Cancer”.

7 tips to diminish your sugar intake

If you still aren’t able to completely cut off sugar from your daily life, take some measures to decrease its impact.

1-Pay attention to labels. Sugar has different names.

Agave Nectar
Brown Sugar
Cane Juice
Corn Syrup
Fruit Juice Concentrate
High Fructose Corn Syrup
White Sugar

2- Cut out soft drinks from your life once and for all. We are in the XXI century! With so much information available to us, we can’t consume soft drinks anymore. Here I also include juices that come in cartons. “Diet” and “light” versions contain aspartame and other ingredients that aren’t healthy!

3- Stop sweetening your coffee: If you still drink coffee (which I would also advise you to drink less), try to get used to drinking it without sugar. Try a few times, your palate will adapt to it, I guarantee. You may eventually reach the conclusion that you don’t like the real taste of coffee. Aspartame is also not advisable.

4- Substitute boxed cereals for oats: or make your own muesli or granola with a mixture of cereals, nuts and seeds.

5- Avoid desserts: establish a goal. You don’t have to cut out desserts completely or immediately. Gradually decrease how often you eat them, or leave desserts for the weekend or just for dinner on Friday. Slowly try to find more flavour in fruits.

6- Avoid processed foods: the salty taste of some processed foods conceal the absurd amount of preservatives that they possess. Their shinny appearance is obtained through the use of sugar, which is also used as a preservative.

7- Give home cooked meals priority: create a pleasant space for cooking, invite friends over, learn new recipes. Eating out or always depending on fast-food delivery makes it easier for us to eat things we shouldn’t.

It’s important for us to always maintain a balanced diet and our bodies healthy so that we may, occasionally, cheat and eat things we crave, regardless of whether they are healthy or not. And we may also enjoy it more, without guilt, because it won’t affect our health in a negative way.

What do you think? Is it possible to eliminate sugar from your life?